Angelina’s mug

31 Maggio 2017

As I promised in my last post, today I’m gonna talk about my Angelina’s mug.

Angelina is my illustrated chicken, my signature,my way to gather in a drawing everything I like from an artistic and personal point of view.

Well…let’s start with the choice of the subject : the chicken. I  do not know if I am the one who chose her or vice versa. All I know is that from immemorial date she started being in my drawings and slowly she got a shape, colours and meanings each day more and more important. In this drawing there is my passion for lines,colours, calligraphy, shadings and, at last,but for sure the most important, its meaning.

Angelina represents to me  simplicity and essentiality. I love Nature , simple things, neat lines and geometric shapes. I love the excessive attention to details and refinement of colors. So Angelina represents all of this. From an artist point of view Angelina is my signature.

…and then, there is her deeper meaning , my personal one. The one that brings me to love this animal more than others. According to me this chicken means also friendship, passion, sharing,joy,support and debate for growing. Topics that I’ve always been finding in new and old friends of mine during these years : the Bloggalline ( in English it should be the blogchickens 🙂 ) whom I am a member of.

After this long explanation…may I now introduce you my lovely Angelina, she ‘s  been printed on a ceramic mug to wish you all friendship, passion, joy and ….more.

you can have breakfast with Angelina,

you can have your  coffee or tea brak with her ,

you can taste your fav ice cream or smoothies with her …

does not matter when or how , she will always be with you reminding you that ..




What do you think? Hope you like her  as I do.


If yuo’d love to purchase one, please feel free to ask for info with a private message.


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