Tarte au chocolat fondent

22 Maggio 2017

For a special event you need a special cake.

I got my recipe from a foodblogger of mine I love the best : Enrica alias Chiarapassion.

Her amazing blog has tons of incredible repices and, when I need  surprising menu, I always go there.

My special occasion is Linda’s graduation after her year in an Americal high school. I wish I could have sat first raw with my eyes glistering with tears being a proud mum. She faced her wonderful and  sometimes difficult year acting with determitation, being brave, curious and finding beauty everywhere. She left her comfort zone to achieve her dreams. She learned so many things , she got a new amazing family, new friends, new culture, new way to look at things but, above all, she acquired new awareness : Your only limit is you.

A cup of tea, a slice of cake in front of a desktop admiring Linda’s graduation day : a new unforgettable memory time of this icredible 2016/2017.

Think Happy


Happy !

….but I’m gonna tell you about this in my next post.


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