Art to me …

3 Aprile 2017


Art to me is something unique,

it’s a world full of colors,


contrasts and balance mixed together to bring  something new and special to life.

 Art is to me a way to escape from reality and give to my emotions new  colors, shapes and size.

This is my aim with any creation of mine; each project, each drawing is my way to bring beautyness and smile to everyone and , to do so, I use colors.

I watercolor painted  the front page of these Japaneese exercise books with my sweet dolls, I sew their crowns and add a beautiful quote.

Each notebook is unique and special. You can write your memories, your projects, your calligraphy exercises, your ideas, your sketches, your quotes …anything you’d like to keep on a safe special place.

….mine is nearly full of new ideas and I’ll be back soon to share with you.


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