I am… an artist!

23 Gennaio 2018

I would say that between one festivity and another, a month for  some rest  is a really long period of time; but I was really in  needof  it. I had  some great time with my family, disconnected  my mind and my soul from the social network  to find again a renew vitality, creativity and willing to do. Yes, I realised, unfortunately, that even though my desire to share with the internet gives me satisfaction and incessant incentives, on the other side  it takes off time to explore my creativity, to dare, to live the moment and get the essence.

So I decided to make choices for my 2018; I planned my goals, I found out new incentives and, even though I’m still looking for what I’d like to do when I’ll grow up, my ideas are definitely more clear. My blog still remains my travel book, my safe harbour in which I can always come back to see how much I changed, how much I grew up and how long is the way I still have to go, in order  to share with you guys my passions: art and cooking.
Therefore  I’m  starting  right from here  my 2018.  A project I’m especially attached to because it defines  the beginning of my awareness for my long lasting passion in stationery, papers, pencils, colors , brushes, pens…

I am an artist . 

My project arised from the willing to share my own passion with whom is looking  for a cute place to store  his own thoughts, to his  own ideas or simply a place in which you can give free vent to your  own creativity. A secret place to go through, read, edit, complete, cut out, scribble all over.

A  handbounded mini book ( inch 6×10,6) including high quality watercolor papers and with a handdrawn cover, created  to be the first of a collection that I’d like to call “Story teller Art book”

I am an artist …..

Some pieces are available If you’d love to purchase one  and soon I’ll enter them into my Facebook page.  In case you are interested you can always  contact me directly from here by leaving me a message.  I’ll be more than  happy to give you all  information and, if you decide to begin your artistic journey with me, I’ll be honoured to be part of yours.


PS:  I added to the blog  the chance  to receive my newsletters so you’ll always be update on what it’s in my mind.


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  • Karen Morris

    Hello – I was wondering if you sell your watercolor art. I saw a “mother/daughter” post on Instagram and sent you a message, but do not know if you received it, as I have not received a response. I am looking for something special for my daughter and her new baby girl. Thank you.

    11 Maggio 2018 at 17:44 Reply
    • Simona Anghileri

      Hi Karen. Sorry I did not get your message. I’m gonna cheque again. Anyway we can told via meil or via pmessage on fb if you do have it. Mine is simona anghileri. may it is easier.thanks so much .

      12 Maggio 2018 at 21:09 Reply

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