10 days in the Unites States …part 1

17 Maggio 2017

…in the end I could not resist and I gave in to my daughter “repeated ” request to go and meet her in the Unites States. My curiosity to travel and visit a State I’ve never been before and, above all, my desire to meet Linda in a place that means so much to her now and to  hug her after months I’ve been missing her,brought me to the decision to get my passport ready. Together with my mum who without any doubt decided to join me in this adventure, we flew to United States of America.

First stop in Chicago but…I’m gonna tell you about this later on .

and then we flew straight away to ….IOWA !

I was so thrilled. Meeting her, hugging her tight and feeling she was so close to me after so many months without her is a breath-taking experience; I felt dazed  and in need of time to observe, understand and admire where my beautiful teen-ager , the same girl I would have kissed and choked some months before , is now in front of me with her loveliness in a foreign country, speaking a different language, a different culture and , even thought, she was at her’s ease.


oh yes… she is at her’s ease living a new life in a “remote”state above all the American States , together with people she has never met before;even thought, I can guarantee you, they make you feel at home in a while. I had never met Linda’s host family before, except for some mails, I had never spoken to them but, as soon as we looked into each other’s eyes it was as we have always been friends and knew each others. Just the time to load our suitcases into their incredible large car and  we felt we were part of that new world too. This has never happened to me. I could immediatly feel their sincere love for Linda and their  true welcome to us and I understood in a while why Linda is so in loved with her host family, why she keeps on saying that they are so special and I can feel what an incredible amazing year she is living right now.

…..and, for all this, I will always be grateful to all of them.

The Iowa  is the 29th federal State of the Unites States of America.  The official state name is ” State of Iowa” ,  and it  comes from  a Native Amercian tribe , the IOWA , of Sioux strain who lived in these lands until 1836,  when they voluntarily left it to the United States and retired to Oklahoma.

There are many lakes and the landscape is flat or slightly undulating. Its territory is rich in mining resources, even though the most significant  part in the state  economy is represented by agriculture : corn, hay, aots, sugar beet, grain and fruit occupy even 75% of the surface of the state. Another important resource is the pig and cattle farm.

A traditional barn of a Mennonite Community in Iowa.

Ok… I don’t want to bore you so I’m stopping here but ….at the very soonest I’m gonna tell you about the most exciting and fashinating event for the American senior in high school : the PROM !





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