A color study …

18 Agosto 2017

… Kyù taught me to represent my thoughts in an abstract way… If you observe well the things you think about, each one has a precise color, right? and if it doesn’t have one, you should be able to give every single thing with a color, right? Why don’t you try to paint them like that, one after another? … at those words I realized for the first time that my thoughts had a color.

– Banana Yoshimoto

Color comes from light, it’s generated in the observer’s eye and it builds a sensorial impression. Everybody perceives the color in different way from one another, even the same person can perceive the color differently depending on his mood.

Three parameters define a color : the chromatic tone, known as shade, the saturation and the luminosity.


Red is the first color of the rainbow and it seems also to be the first color that the kids perceive. In latin “rubens” is synonym of colorful; symbol of life and vitality.

The color is for me a fascinating universe capable of influencing subconsciously lots of aspects of our life…

..and so I often find myself studying the color, constantly looking for the perfect chromatic harmony.

Watercolors are perfect for this type of study. Their pigments allows to create tones and undertones and the combination of just two colors can create lots of others shades.

In my study of the color I chose to discover the endless undertones and shades using two colors each time. The endless possibility of tones are incredible and, after a while I found y new addiction for a color study. It’s relaxing and stimulating at the same time. It is addicting.

… and so I began to paint with colors transferring my thoughts on the paper, and picking the sad tonalities whenever I was sad, but, also the happy tonalities, because at the end I wanted to become a little bit more cheerful…

– Banana Yoshimoto

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