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6 Settembre 2017

Let’s start with ….YUMMY THINGS !

Sometimes I bake my cakes, some others I like drawing them.

Today I did both: a super tasty chocolate cake which is already in the oven and a mini card with a colorful three levels cake which is already part of my “watercolor book”, that will include all the things I love.

I leave you the recipe for this cake… and then, if you want, you can try to make it and maybe use it as a bookmark, as a special card for a friend, you can put it in a beautiful frame and decor with it a corner of your kitchen…



1 sheet of watercolor paper size A5 (I use Fabriano, Canson or Daler Rowney)

Watercolor pencils (I used Mondeluz Aquarelle watercolor pencils of Koh-I-Noor but you can try with whatever watercolor pencil you have)

1 medium round tip pencil

1 pencil

washi tape in the color you like the most and 1 little piece of scrap paper

1 glass of clear water and a plastic palette/little dish

sewing machine (optional)


1 – Detach from your daily routine. Breath deeply and close your eyes. Imagine a fairy world, look for the most whimsical and creative baker and when you find him… observe the shop window of his bakery. Your cake is right there.

2- Open your eyes and automatically begin to draw it; simply as a kid would do. Think geometrical shapes, don’t tranfer details but think of the figure in general and work on simple shapes. Lines, rectangles, squares, waves…

3- pick the colors you prefer. With the help of the brush soaked in water, take the pigment from the tip of the pencil and createyour liquid watercolor putting it in the palette.  It will be much easier spreading the colors, and doing that, creating and highlighting watercolor effect.

At this point, you can start the painting. Don’t fill the areas but remember of leaving some spaces of light (areas without colors) so that this creates points of interest.

4- Let it dry well and then take the pigment of color directly from the tip of the pencil with a brush, so you can increase the color and the shade areas. With the pencil, you can accentuate some contours and with the washi tape, you can add decorations to complete the painting.

5- I love to define my works with the sewing machine as I can fix every single emotion with little sew so that they can stay there forever. You can also omiss this passage that has a big personal meaning to me but that it could also not be necessary to you!

6- Now you just need to decide what to do with your piece of art. Complete it with a quote you love, sign it as a big artist would do, write on the back of it the recipe of your favorite cake or decore it with scrap paper to enhance it more. At this point, I’m sure you won’t need more advice from me because your piece of art is part of you now and only you know what to do with it.

Hope you liked this recipe. In this case, please let me have your comment so we can thing start a new chapter of diy in my blog.


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