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6 Febbraio 2017

“Feet what do I need you for

when I have wings to fly ?”

                                                                 – F.Kahlo

What about decorating the cover page of your notebook, sketch book or planner?

Your own colors, your strokes, your design and, above all, YOURSELF together with your emotions painted on the cover page of your book.

Today I’d love to tell you about this new  workshop I’ll be teaching in Cantù  (by Color and Craft – Italy  )  11th March 2017 sharing with you  how a mixed media project reaches me . This technique makes me feel free  and happy. The best part of it is to see how the picture arrives on its  own, how colours harmonize, you can have fun and open your mind to new possibilities.

You will choose your colors, the ones which inspire you the most and without thinking about it  to much you will start your trip into art.

Nothing more …just feel the colours and your inside muse will do the rest.

All you need is to be fearless :

spread colors, dare, have a try,laugh , no rules just fun!

This is how I live my mixed media and this is what I’d love to  share with you…

 in a morning

leaving the daily routine on a side,

just spreading colour,

having fun and take time just for you, your muse and your emotions.

Once we have painted the cover, I’d show you how to make it handy to keep any sketch of yours, any idea you want to have in a safe place, any moodboard you can store with you.

You can keep  anything your muse suggests  you . It will be your secret place to store your dreams.

What do you think about it?

Really hope you love the idea.

I’m waiting for you there, for a very joyful and  special moment.

Hope to spread art with you all.

You can get any info by contacting the shop Color and Craft


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