Enjoy the little things

14 Ottobre 2017

Life is made of little happy moments, similar to tiny flowers. It is not just made of big things, like study, love, weddings, funerals. Everyday little things happen, so much that you are not able to keep them in mind or count them, and between them little grains of happiness, barely detectable, are hiding, happiness that the soul breaths and thank to it, it’s able to leave with.

(Banana Yoshimoto)

Each of us should be able to pick these grains of happiness, each of us  should know how to enjoy every little moment that makes every day  so special and  can transform in a better moment even the toughest day, each of us should feed his own soul with these little moments of pure joy. Grains, instants, moments that we can find in little things, in apparently insignificant gestures, in a smile, in a cuddle, in a word, in a smell, in a melody, in a gaze, in a date …

Day by day, month by month…

… grains of happiness to remember together with vents, appointments, little big things that fill our days.

And so, not to forget any of thema, we need a space in which we can fix these instants.

Drawings,color palettes, sketches and  more to be able to put on paper the magic of emotions and to leave an important space to be  filled  with every wonderful instant of your new year.

Cool undertones and muted undertones mixed with a little bit  of warm colors to give the right harmony to every single page and celebrate the elegance of  a  timeless minimalism.

… and a style which joins  the WABI – SABI (the Japanese esthetic conception) with the simplicity of the Scandinavian style.

In a stylistic term : JAPANDI style.

So this is how I drew   my new calendar for 2018: a mix  which  reduces the extreme characteristics of both styles to reach  a minimal and elegant solution.

Simple, timeless, handcrafted focusing on foncionality.

Lots of space to write down and organize your day, to remember and, why not, to doodle all over with your ideas, your dreams and your emotions….

…to remind you to start each day in the best way..

… a calendar just for you because every time you personalize it with your own style and your grains of happiness, it will be a memory you will keep with joy.

Think bigger – Dream Bigger

… I printed some examples this year too, not too many to be honest. If you are interested, since the limitated number, you can contact me by email and I will be super happy to give you more infos.

….Enjoy the little things


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