Spring is in the air

21 Marzo 2017

Fall and winter is my fav season but even spring charms me. I love looking at nature which is slowing awakening, colors starts to bright, light breeze in the air, nature is blooming and  brushwood is transforming into a soft and fluffly path as in a fairy-tale world but, above all, my awakening in the morning is different  : little birds make conversations, sing, warble, argue all in chorus. Spring has arrived !

I’m enchanted by nature.

Soft perfectly combined colors creating a unique harmony of tones.

Shapes, lines and details painted by expert hands…

Bright tones contrasting neutral ones ….

….while spring is in the air, I’m looking for my new palette….

Orange colors start to leave more space to new ones : ochre, green, violet ….

but also tukis and soft lilla.

My Spring  is still a work in progress though….

but ….I’m always a work in progress….always looking for the perfect combiantion of tones, colors and harmony.


< all pictures are taken by me >



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